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Technical Secondary School (Complex) is a school with over a sixty-year old history and tradition. Its goal is to educate students so that they could meet the demands of the market, and to provide  them with the employability skills.
The school comprises technical secondary school, vocational school and secondary school. Technical Secondary School  prepares students for the world of work, for apprenticeships in accordance with the demand of the modern labour market. Rich educational offer enables our students to choose the potential career option and gain an attractive profession in the future. We train our students in the fields such as: mechanics, mechatronics, electrics,  electronics, information technology, renewable energy devices and systems. Vocational School educates students to work as an electrician and a machine tool operator while secondary school provides not only comprehensive education but also sports and police service courses.

The future technician is trained in two or  three  fields. After passing vocational exams, the student holds a title of a technician. The examinations are held during the school year after each particular level of education.
The school provides a focused-learning environment and a dedicated, well-qualified and supportive staff. In addition, it is equipped with modern training infrastructure – professional vocational workshops and laboratories. In order to reach the aim, the school implements the high-tech programs and the latest technological solutions. In modern laboratories the best technicians of our region acquire their skills.

For those interested in electronics and computer science we offer Cisco Networking Academy courses which guarantee the international industry-recognized certifications:
CCNA (computer network administrator)
A+ ( computer support technician)
SERVER+ (network system administrator)

Four-year technical secondary school
ending with school-leaving examinations
(core subjects: mathematics and physics)
Mechanic Technician
It familiarizes students with the bases of mechanical constructions, automatic control, robotics, machine building and exploitation. It trains  students in programming, CAD drawing software, production organization and control
-exploitation of cutting machines
-organizing and supervising the processes of machine and device production

Renewable Energy Devices and Systems Technician
It instructs students how to install, maintain, mend and control the machinery operation, how to draw up a quantity survey, offer and contract.
-renewable energy devices and systems installation
-exploitation of renewable energy devices and systems

Electric Technician
It instructs students how to install, maintain, mend and control the machinery operation, how to draw up a quantity survey, offer and contract.
- installation and maintenance of electrical machines and devices
- installation and maintenance of electrical systems
- exploitation of electrical machines, devices and systems

Computer Science Technician

It teaches students networking and other information technology-related skills, such as programming, hardware configuration and service, network and database administration.

  1. installation and exploitation of PC and  external devices
  2. designing and administration of local networking systems
  3. creating and administration of internet applications and database

Mechatronic Technician
This profession combines  knowledge and skills from the range of electronics, IT and mechanics. The combination  allows to create robots, use  the equipment in industry, modern medical devices, office equipment and household  appliances. Students are taught how to use the computer programs  to design and simulate as well as to program  PLC controllers.

Three-year vocational school
ending with practical vocational  examinations

It is a great choice for students not interested in academic career  and who want to gain practical skills in their profession.

Students are taught  how to install, maintain, mend and control the machinery operation and electrical devices.

  1. Installation and maintenance of machines and electrical devices
  2. Installation and maintenance of electrical systems

Cutting machines operator
Students are thought how to operate cutting machines and computer controlled machines CNC

Three-year Comprehensive school
ending with A-level examinations 

Sports course

( core subjects: biology, chemistry, geography)

This course ensures comprehensive education that prepares students to continue their education  at any university as well as develop skills in chosen sports disciplines, such as:
football, volleyball, basketball, handball, athletics, dance and other sports disciplines that are looked into individually.

Police service course

(core subjects: English, German, history)

This course is for students interested in a future career in the police. A programme facilitates a preparation for A-level examinations as well as  entrance exams to police schools.The curriculum also includes: summer keep – fit camps, police classes led by police specialists, sports classes, martial arts and elements of self –defence.


Our students are invited to participate in various additional classes, either to catch up with the material or gain further knowledge in order to take part in contests. Many of them become the winners at the national level.


Trainings abroad are organized  within the framework of the systemic project implemented by FRSE (Foundation for the Development of Education) “Internships abroad for vocational trainees and trainers” co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme.

A grant of 1 mln PLN was obtained in total under the Leaonardo da Vinci programme.
“Technician on the European work market – a technical training in Germany”- a project in which 80 students took part in April and November 2013.
In 2014, a new project is planned “Technician from Żywiec on the European work market” in which 104 students are planned to be involved.
During their stay abroad students:

  1. took active part in trainings (including assembly, testing, measurements)
  2. visited production plants (e.g. BMW, enviaM),
  3. went on numerous sight-seeing tours (including Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz)

Each participant took part in an intensive course of German confirmed by German A1 level certificate. Apart from that, upon completion of the trainings they were awarded the certificate of technical training completion and Europass Mobility document.
We organize students exchange with schools in Sweden and Germany (previously under Comenius and at present Erasmus+ programme). We keep in touch with befriended schools in Spain, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia (within Euroregion Beskidy project)
There is an ongoing cooperation of our school with institutions of higher education, in particular with:
-University of Silesia,
-Cracow University of technology,
-Silesian University of Technology,
- The University of Bielsko Biała,
-Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza
 which allows to facilitate our students in their choice of future field of studies.

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